Cady McGuire

In salon and on site freelance hairstyling

Colormelt and Curls


Colormelting fuses (typically) three different colors together, usually starting with depth at the base and gradually getting lighter towards the ends.  This is beautiful option for women who want to change up their color but prefer to keep their color routine low maintenance because the color choice at the base can either match your natural shade or it can actually be your natural shade.  This option allows you to go much longer between color appointments.

My beautiful client, Brianna, is also a perfect example of someone who has embraced her natural texture.  She fought those beautiful curls for about five years, constantly spending too much quality time with her flat iron. Its taken some time to grow out/cut off her super damaged length, but as you can see from her photo she has come a long way since forgoing heat!  Here we used Davines’ Volume Boosting Mousse at her base, which I finger dried for a moment or two before applying Davines’ Love Curl Cream to her length and diffusing.  I finished by forming the curls around my pointer finger (wrap, dont twist!) in her top layer to help smooth any flyaways that can sometimes come from diffusing.  Brianna has been air drying all summer, but as we move into fall she wanted to start diffusing so I gave her a proper lesson in diffusing at her appointment yesterday.  Relaxing on your heat usage will help your color last longer and most definitely let your true, healthy texture shine through more naturally!

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